Built in 1933 with the directives of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk as the Veterinary Faculty of the Institute of Higher Agriculture, the Animal Hospital was restored in 2015-2017. It serves as the largest hospital in Turkey that serves to small and large animals.

Clinical services of animal hospital; Surgery, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Reproduction and Artificial Insemination. There are 26 faculty members and 20 research assistants, and around 60 masters and doctoral students in clinical departments and all clinical services are provided by these experienced veterinarians.

Surgery department provides polyclinic service for all domestic and wild animals .Within this scope; there are 5 operating rooms in the hospital where soft tissue, orthopedic surgery and micro surgical operations for small animals are made. These operation rooms are equipped with world-class equipment. Apart from these operation rooms, there is a fully equipped endoscopic surgery room. Arthroscopic, laparoscopic and thoracoscopic surgical operations and endoscopic examinations are performed here. There are also intensive care units for cats and dogs next to the operation rooms. There are 5 examination rooms in which patients are routinely examined in the field of surgical medicine. In these examination rooms; soft tissue, orthopedics, eye, ear, teeth diseases and therapies are done. Apart from these, there is neurophysiology laboratory, physical therapy-rehabilitation unit, walking analysis unit. These units are routinely used for diagnosis and treatment of diseases. In addition, in the radiodiagnostic unit that located within the surgery department, digital x-ray, ultrasonography, color doppler ultrasonography, echocardiography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance units are routinely used in diagnosis of diseases.

Internal Medicine Department provides services to cat and dogs for treatment of wide range of diseases such as, dermatological examination and diagnosis, cardiological examination and diagnosis, endocrinologic examination and diagnosis, infectious diseases and diagnosis, gastroenterological examination and diagnosis, oncologic-haematological examination and diagnosis, respiratory system examination and diagnosis, nephrological -Urological examination and diagnosis. Exotic animals are also diagnosed and treated in this department. The services related to small animals are given in 10 examination rooms in the newly constructed hospital.

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology provides medical services to the pets for the fertilization and maturation, reproductive biotechnology and methods, puerperal period and its problems, infertility and sterility, pregnancy and physiology, fertility physiology and endocrinology, pregnancy and diagnosis methods, physiology and problems of pregnancy, normal delivery and birth aid methods, estrus synchronization and methods , gynecological operations, breast health and illnesses, milking and hygiene. Clinic and polyclinic services are provided for diagnosis, treatment and operations of all diseases related to pregnancy, birth and gynecology which occur in pets in the hospital clinic of the department. Sterilization operations of female cats and dogs are among the important functions of this clinic.

Department of Reproduction and Artificial Insemination provides clinical services to animals regarding  their andrological and reproduction problems in the animal hospital . This department has Andrology and Advanced Reproductive Techniques Clinic in the main hospital building. This department also has Reference Sperm and Embryo Laboratories, Taurus, Ankara Goat and Dog Sperm Banks.

There is a behavioral disorder unit in the hospital where an experienced experts evaluates behavioral disorders of cats and dogs.

There is a horse clinic in the hospital, an operating room specializes for horses, diagnosis and treatment units and post-operative unit are provides medical services for horses. Additionally, cattle clinic has an operation theater and two boxes for post-operative care.

There are separate isolation units for all animals in the animal hospital.

There is a separate unit for treatment follow-up of wild animals.

There is Emergency Clinic which is operates 24 hours / 7 days in Veterinary Faculty Animal Hospital.

There is a Central Diagnostic Laboratory which serves all clinics in the hospital. Hematological and biochemical analyzes of all animals and hormone analyzes of cats and dogs are performed.