There is a long history of animal feeding in Turkey. İstanbul Baytar School and the Higher School of Agriculture in Halkalı are the first starting points in this area.

With the opening of Institute of Higher Agriculture  on October 30, 1933, the field of animal feeding has begun to develop in Ankara.Animal nutrition education, first held at the Institute of Agricultural Chemistry by Prof. Dr. Heide until 1936, then by Prof. Dr. Valentin Horn from Agricultural Chemistry and the Institute of Veterinary Physiology continued until 1940. After the Institute of Higher Agriculture was merged in 1948 as a faculty to Ankara University, it was divided into Animal Nutrition Department, Foodstuffs and Animal Nutrition and Feedstuffs.

In 1952, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine established Animal Feed and Animal Feeding Branch. Prof. Dr. Selahattin Batu became the chairman. By the way, Dr. Med. Vet. Sabri Dilmen completed the habilitation in 1954 in the field of Animal Nutrition and Feed Materials. Until 1968, education and laboratory work continued at the building which is now used as a museum.

After this date, the Department of Animal Nutrition and Nutritional Diseases has been moved to the building where education, teaching and research are still being carried out. In 1982, the name of the department, which is Feed and Animal Nutrition, was changed to Animal Nutrition and Nutrition Diseases Branch .Professor Dr. Sabri Dilmen is known as the founder of “Animal Feeding” in the World and in Turkey.

Our lecturers prior to date:

Professor Dr. Sabri Dilmen ,

Professor Dr. Mahmut Akkılıç ,

Professor Dr. Hümeyra Özgen ,

Professor Dr. Hüseyin Erdinç,

Professor Dr. Ahmet Ergün,

Professor Dr. Şakir Doğan Tuncer ,

Professor Dr. İrfan Çolpan

Currently there are 6 Professors and 3 Research Assistants totally 9 lecturers in our department. Our department has compulsory and elective courses at the level of Turkish undergraduates, grade 3 A and B branches and 10. semester students (branches A and B) are given theoretical and practical lessons.

In parallel with Turkish classes, our theoretical and practical courses are also given to the english undergraduate level students.   In addition, doctoral degree programs at the graduate level and thesis graduate programs are offered within the Institute of Health Sciences (

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