Animal Science is a field that gives the information necessary for modern animal breeding. Animal Science is a scientific field that  providing necessary information on the breeding, maintenance, rehabilitation and health protection procedures of animals, taking into account animal welfare and behavior in order to obtain more fertility from farm animals and thus to be productive and profitable livestock.

As of 2017, there are 5 faculty members, 3 research assistants and 2 administrative staff in the Department of Animal Science. Department has seminar room, laboratory and academic – administrative staff rooms.

Animal Welfare, Animal Science I, Animal Science II and Animal Improvement lectures tech as a obliatory courses,  Goose-Duck Breeding, Laboratory Animal Breeding, Rabbit Breeding and Cat-Dog Breeding are also tech as selective courses under the veterinary license program. Within the scope of postgraduate education compulsory and selective courses are given in PhD and MsC programs depending on Institute of Health Sciences.

There are practical courses as well as theoretical instruction in the courses given in the Department. In addition, there is a laboratory where various studies are carried out in the Department. The units in the Veterinary Faculty Training and Research Farm are used for research and education purposes. In addition to these units, research institutes and agricultural establishments affiliated to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and private sector livestock enterprises are the main research and application areas.