Biostatistics involves the theory and application of statistical science to analyze veterinary sciences and public health problems and to further biomedical research. Department of Biostatistics is engaged in research on a wide variety of methodological problems on veterinary sciences.  Current departmental research on statistical and computing methods for design and analysis of clinical trials, survival analysis, longitudinal analysis, nonparametric methods and Bayesian methods. Biostatistics is involved both in teaching and consulting with the research all disciplines staff and PhD students faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Currently an elective course in Computer programming (VET 144) and a compulsory course Biostatistics (VET104) are offered on spring semester to graduate students.

The department offers an epidemiological project consulting service that includes study design, sample size calculations, data collection, and study evaluation. The aim is to provide researchers of the Department of Veterinary Medicine with professional support in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of their research projects.