Ankara University, Veterinary Faculty Genetics Department and Molecular Genetic Research Laboratory were institute by Prof. Dr. Okan ERTUĞRUL in 1995. In this laboratory lots of projects completed at molecular level that contains domestic animals, and some are still ongoing. The projects contains protein, DNA and RNA based studies of different animal species were supported by several institutions and organizations like TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), Republic of Turkey Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock, Ankara University Scientific Research Projects Office.

There are several expectations and outcomes about on going and completed projects are given in below;

  • Creation of tissue and DNA banks of animal genetic resources of Turkey
  • Detection of gene regions for inherited diseases in domestic animals.
  • Detection of between species and species-specific polymorphic sequences and using them for patent studies.
  • To reveal phylogenetic relationships and collection of data on the history of native breeds.
  • Informing the public on protection of genetic resources.
  • Educating students on animal genetics and biotechnology.
  • Generation of projects with similar institution and creation topical data for databases.

Expert services; Criminal events involving animals are investigated at our department. Forensic veterinary services contains breed separation, individual separation and paternity & maternity tests at molecular level.

Genetics department teaches following classes for undergraduate students;

  • Genetics (Obligatory course)
  • Population genetics and evolutionary biology (Elective course)
  • Genetic Engineering and biotechnology (Elective course)
  • Ecology and environmental biology (Elective course)
  • Basic Genetic Terms (Elective course)

Also undergraduate student projects founded by TUBITAK and Ankara University Scientific Research Projects Office are supervised and supported at the department.

The doctoral and post-graduate education programs are within the scope of Health Sciences Institution. There are several doctoral and master students (with scholarship) at the department.

Today 3 academic staff (1 associate professor, 1 assistant professor, 1 research assistant) carry out the academic activities in our department. In addition to those, 1 administrative personnel officiate.

Department of Genetics has 2 laboratories, Molecular Research Laboratory I and II.

First laboratory is divided in 5 divisions.

  • DNA isolation
  • Visualisation (Post-PCR)
  • Pre-PCR
  • Sequencing and fragment analysis
  • Storage section

Second laboratory is for RNA based studies.