History of Microbiological Department in Turkey dates back to 1842 when microbiology lectures had been given in Military and Civilian Veterinary school at İstanbul. In 1933, “Animal Health and Bacteriologia Institute” which was regarding to High Agriculture Institute was established by Prof.Dr.Karl Beller.

After establishing Ankara University which was the first veterinary school of Turkey in 1946, High Agriculture Institute joined to Ankara University,  “Animal Health and Bacteriologia Institute” established two department which were named “ Bacteriology and Epidemiology” and “Food Inspection and Hygiene”. In 1982, Virology department separeted from “Bacteriology and Epidemiology” department . However, in 1982 The Science of Bacteriology and Virology department was established under the name of “Department of Microbiology”. These two departments were separated in 1994 and recently carry out the academic activities, separately.


Today 6 academic staff (5 professors, 1 assistant professor), 1 research assistant carry out the academic activities in our department. In addition to those, 1 administrative personnel officate.

The under graduate lectures given by our department can be found below.

Immunology,Microbiology I- II, Epidemiology, Poultry diseases,  Immunoprophylaxis, Biotechnology in Microbiology, Mycology, The Health Police, Analytical epidemiology.

Until 1982, Department of Microbiology have graduated hundreds of members from Turkish Armed Forces and other faculties. Today our department still have masters and doctoral education.

Microbiology building includes, routine diagnostic, serology, micology, poultry diseases, moleculary microbiology laboratory and special Salmonella laboratories. There is also a comprehensive Ar-Ge laboratory. Besides these, our deparment has  also academic researches with private sector and ministers. Most of our research activities supported by national and international projects.