At the time of the university reform in 1933, foundations of the current faculty were laid with the joining of Veterinary School to Ankara Higher Agriculture Institute. In the same year, Prof. Dr. Anton Koegel, who has become the director of Pathology Institute in Higher Agriculture Institute Veterinary School, was also in charge of Parasitology Institute, and retired from this duty in 1934. After this year Prof. Dr. Curt Sprehn who is the author of “Lehrbuch der Helminthologie” was in charge of Parasitology Institute as director between the years of 1935-1938.

In 1940, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hasan Sukru Oytun has become the first Turkish academician who was assigned to the director of Parasitology Institute. In 1948, Veterinary Faculty has joined to Ankara University and Parasitology Institue was separated in two independent parts with the decision of Ankara University senate in 1952. Prof. Dr. Hasan Sukru Oytun was the head of Parasitology and Helminthology section and Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tuzdil was the head of Protozoology-Entomology, Medical Arthropodology section. These two sections were associated as Parasitology Department and it included two disciplines: Helminthology and Protozoology-Entomology. Prof. Dr. Nevzat Guralp was in charge as head of Helminthology section until 1986 and Prof. Dr. Yılmaz Tigin (1986), Prof. Dr. Ayse Burgu (1996), Prof. Dr. Ahmet Doganay were elected for this duty, respectively. In Protozoology and Entomology section, Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tuzdil, Prof. Dr. Fahri Sayin, Prof. Dr. Sukran Dincer (1999) and Prof. Dr. Zafer Karaer (2000) were elected for this duty. Helminthology and Protozoology-Entomology were rejoined as Parasitology Department in 2005. A head of the department was Prof. Dr. Ayse Burgu between the years of 2005-2012 and then Prof. Dr. K. Zafer Karaer took this duty until 2017. Currently, Prof. Dr. Hatice Oge is the head of the department. 


The department has a total number of 12 academicians including 7 professors [Prof. Dr. Ahmet Doğanay, Prof. Dr. Ayşe Çakmak, Prof. Dr. Hatice Öge(Head of Department), Prof. Dr. Semih Öge, Prof. Dr. H. Oğuz Sarımehmetoğlu, Prof. Dr. Bahadır Gönenç, Prof. Dr. A. Serpil Nalbantoğlu] and 5 research assistants (Res. Ass. Dr. Gökben Özbakış, Res. Ass. Ceren Aştı,  Res. Ass. Dr. Ömer Orkun, Res. Ass. Görkem Cengiz, Res. Ass. Nafiye Koç).

Given lessons at the department of Parasitology:

Compulsory lessons;

  • Parasitology
  • Entomology
  • Protozoology
  • Helminthology
  • Honeybee and diseases of honeybee
  • Diseases of aquatic animals

Elective courses;

  • Aquarium fish and diseases
  • Parasitic zoonoses

Master and PhD degrees are studied in the department.